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$518 million.

That is how much the cell phone repair industry had generated in wages by mid 2015. One year later, and the “business of accidents” is still booming with a growth rate of nearly 5%. Fix It Fast, the nation’s leading cell phone repair franchise, addresses a connected society’s most dire need: quick mobile repair services at an affordable price. We’re proud to offer owner-operators the necessary support and guidance to provide comprehensive solutions for today’s most common repair needs, including:

  • Cell phone repair
  • iPhone 5s screen replacement
  • iPhone 6 screen repair
  • iPad repair
  • Cracked laptop screen repair
  • GPS repair
  • Gaming console repairs
  • GO PRO repairs
  • Drone repair
  • and more!

We’re proud to offer owner-operators the necessary support and guidance to provide comprehensive solutions for today’s most common repair needs.


A Refined Business Model

Fix It Fast occupies a unique niche within the retail and mobile technology industries that offers expert solutions in device repair across six corporate-owned locations in North Central Texas and Omaha, Nebraska.

Forward Thinking

A veteran team of Level 3 cell phone repair professionals and innovative concept make Fix It Fast the nation’s leading mobile repair service franchise. We’re experts who never stop evolving in a constantly changing industry.

Problem Solvers

Between individual repair services, remote consultations and total protection plans for businesses and corporations, Fix It Fast has identified multiple market opportunities within the dynamic retail niche.

Company Support

Every Fix It Fast franchise is developed with cutting-edge market research and industry expertise. Franchise owners receive the necessary tools to cater to a growing demand for affordable mobile device repair services.

Testimonials from the real franchisees

After working at a large tech retailer, my first week at Fix It Fast was a complete turnaround! Every person I talked to just wanted help, and being able to tell them that, in less than an hour, they would have their phone back with all the pictures and numbers is exactly what they want to hear! Our phones are an extension of our person, and it’s amazing to get to fix that little piece of someone’s’s more impactful than most of us realize.

Repairing these products makes a difference in people’s lives, and now we have even seen manufacturers of these devices having such a demand for repair that they are changing their policies to allow us to fix their products with out penalizing the consumer. The demand for our services is only going to grow.

Richard Williford, manager at Fix It Fast

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