The Fix It Fast Concept

We’re experts who never stop evolving in a constantly changing industry.

The Franchise Concept:

Phone Repair Franchise

fix it fast franchise storeFix It Fast is seeking passionate entrepreneurs looking to join one of the biggest waves in mobile technology.

Through a one-of-a-kind cell phone repair franchise model, our Fix It Fast locations offer a unique one-stop setup that caters to a growing need for convenience and affordability without ever sacrificing quality customer service.

By combining B2B and B2C offerings, along with a growing list of serviceable devices, Fix It Fast is able to position itself as an agile brand in one of the fastest-paced industries. All the while, owner-operators benefit from a diverse revenue stream and increased sales potential.

Plus, our Fix It Fast technicians are marked by years of expertise, having worked for leading mobile tech brands such as Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. This contributes to the brand’s value proposition as cell phone repair franchise owners seek to establish local destinations for superior device repair services. Find out more about this franchise opportunity.